An innovative software solution and IT services company...

Capstone Integrated Solutions specializes in the development and integration of complex technologies into unified, extensible, service-providing platforms. Using our products and experience, Capstone focuses on integrating and managing disparate systems providing services like payment, finance, audit, taxation, security, selling/commerce, customer relations and marketing into one homogenous transacting platform. We are also bringing technologies like conversational AI, Robotic Process Automation, monitoring and alerting to these ecosystems. With a highly experienced team of developers, architects, project managers, business analysts, quality assurance analysts and implementation specialists we live by our words: ‘Complex Solutions, Simply Delivered’.


Capstone EMS
  • Enterprise Management Solution that monitors, detects, alerts, actions, and automates system events and mission critical processes
  • Capstone’s TRUSSt is a Point of Sale (POS) agnostic bridge for payments, transactional data, and third-party activation systems. It can be flexibly deployed in the cloud or on-premise depending on your preference.
Dynamic Content Delivery Platform
  • Dynamically weaves audio-visual content into an interactive experience dynamically
  • Delivers to end users via a web based scheduling interface
  • Captures end-user responses and progress in a central data store



Transformation/ Innovation
  • Design Services 
  • Development
    • Application
    • Platform
  • Implementation Services
    • Business Analyst
    • Technical Analyst
    • Quality Assurance
  • Delivery Services
    • Program Management
    • Project Management
    • Product Management
  • Vendor Identification/Selection
    • RFI thru RFP
    • QA Test Factory
  • L1—L3 Support Services
  • Call Center
  • Issue Identification
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Documentation
    • Creation/Maintenance:
    • SOPs
    • KB Articles
    • Troubleshooting Steps
    • User Documentation
  • Direct-to-Store Support Model
  • Ticket Queue Management
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Service Desk– Analysis, Transformation Planning & Execution.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
    • Cost Control
    • Vendor mgmt./ Negotiation
    • Risk reduction
    • Foster Collaboration
  • Process Management & Improvement
    • Current State
    • Future State
    • Standardization
    • Optimization
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Monitoring & Automation
  • Software Versioning/ Configuration Integrity
  • Critical Services/Processes
  • Polling
  • Payment
  • Data Flow between Systems
  • Application Errors
  • System Crashes and Reboots
  • POS Performance
  • Hardware Configuration & Integrity
  • Windows Patch Management
  • Enterprise System Availability
  • Flash Sales
  • Report Automation
Deployment Services
  • Software
    • Software Package Creation
    • Software/Configuration Deployment
    • Deployment Validation
    • Pilot/Rollout Support
    • Scheduling & Reporting
  • Hardware
    • Deployment Validation
    • Pilot/Rollout Support
    • Scheduling & Reporting
IT Services
  • Vendor Management
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Hardware Evaluation
  • Staff Augmentation to full IT out-sourcing


Product Development
  • Capstone IP
  • Product/Platform Development Partners
Custom Development
  • Extending Existing Solutions
  • iOS
  • Android
Other Technologies
  • AI/Conversational
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)



Project Management
  • Supportive PMO
  • Governance PMO
  • Directive PMO
Business Analysis
  • Provide POS functionality best practices
  • Analyze, design, document functional specifications
  • Troubleshoot technical issues during project implementations
Quality Assurance
  • Lower cycle times
  • Stability
  • Improved Application quality
  • Build and establish Test Factory
Group of Employees collaborating