"Your Bridge to Success"

Capstone’s TRUSSt is a Point of Sale (POS) agnostic bridge for payments, transactional data, and third-party activation systems. It can be flexibly deployed in the cloud or on-premise depending on your preference.

The TRUSSt Suite is made up of two modules:

  • Capstone TRUSSt Payment

    • Simply addresses complex payment integration in the distributed world of retail.
    • Provides reliable, safe coupling between POS and Payment Provider accounting for the following relationships:
      • One-to-One
      • One-to-Many
      • Many-to-One
      • Many-to-Many
    • Creates a single payment integration point for retailers who:
      • have multiple payment platforms due to global or multi-brand deployments
      • have multiple POS versions or vendors or are transitioning to a new platform
      • simply want ease of integration, flexibility, and choice
    • Speed to market
    • Lower implementation costs
    • Subscription based
      • No Capex
      • Predictable static cost
      • Continually adding more POS and Payment solutions

Trusst Bridge Bank image 2
Trusst area map
  • Capstone Txn Feed

    • Passes transactional data to third-party systems
    • Examples include, but are not limited to:
      • Security camera feeds
      • Pricing/Promotion engines
      • Marketing systems
      • Enterprise systems
        • CRM
        • Order Management
        • Inventory

Trusst POS Bridge Bank image
  • Capstone TRUSSt at work today

    • A multi-brand, multi-concept, international retailer with more than 1,000 locations uses TRUSSt to connect 3 different point of sale systems to 3 different payment providers depending on geography to handle their payments. They also rely on TRUSSt to broker transactional data between a thirdparty, mobile loyalty and payment app and POS.
    • A convenience retailer with more than 900 locations uses TRUSSt to feed transactional and promotional data between POS and a third-party marketing/sales uplift system.
    • A global luxury brand has leveraged TRUSSt to handle a new payment provider for their European locations.
    • An rent-to-own furniture and electronics retailer relies on a single cloud-hosted instance of Capstone’s TRUSSt to handle all payments for their more than 3,000 locations