Capstone EMS

Enterprise Management Solution

Designed with the Retailer in mind, Capstone EMS is an Enterprise Management Solution that monitors, detects, alerts, actions, and automates system events and mission critical processes. It is perfect for distributed environments and helps solve the numerous challenges in creating, maintaining and supporting the integrity and stability of the hardware and software that make up a Retailer’s ecosystem.

Our Technology

Capstone EMS utilizes the highly responsive Elasticsearch technology. It is designed to have a small footprint and proven to be scalable, light on network traffic, and have no-impact on the performance of the systems it monitors.
Capstone EMS

Capstone EMS pin map
Capstone Advisor Dashboard

Capstone EMS Features

  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Role Based Functionality
  • Configurable Alerts/Events
  • Email/SMS
  • Smart Grid Estate View
  • Dynamic Query Builder
  • Easy Issue Quantification
  • Hardware Statistics
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Tokenized Security
  • Remote Administration Directives
  • Configurable Automation & Self-healing
  • Store Communication/Messaging
  • Ticket Integration (ServiceNow)
  • Knowledge Base (Troubleshooting)

Out-of-the Box Coverage Includes:

  • Software Version Control
  • Payment Systems
  • Database Integrity & Replication
  • System Performance & Health
  • Hardware Configuration & Inventory
  • Peripheral Devices
  • Application Errors
  • Service/Process
  • Enterprise System Availability
  • Full Endpoint validation
  • Windows Patch Management
  • System Events
  • Network Availability
Capstone EMS Status grid by store